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WS Lift


WS Lift is a lift for the telecommunications towers considered to be an alternative to the traditional method using cranes. WS Lift is the perfect solution for the construction of base stations in places where access to cranes is difficult or impossible.

Thinking outside the box has led our engineers to construct and present the idea of WS Lift.

    Key features

    • modular structure that facilitates transport to the construction site
    • for assembly of 30-60m towers
    • total weight of 19 420 kg
    • dimensions 9x13x13.6m
    • lifting speed 6m/min
    • power of the winch and the moving platform 100kW
    • reduction of construction time

    The construction of the WS Lift consists of:

    • spatial load-bearing structure
    • cages with handles for vertical movement
    • horizontal loading platform
    • an electronically driven propulsive mechanism
    • ballast anchorage mechanism
    WS Lift 1

    WS Lift Specification

    WS Lift 2

    Mass [kg] 
    19 420 total


    steel elements 4060
    aluminium elements 485
    TOTAL 4545 kg


    length 7000 mm
    width 5920 mm
    height 6040 mm



    steel elements 9800
    rope winch 3375
    TOTAL 13175 kg


    length 7600/9000 mm
    width 13000 mm
    height 13320 mm


    Moving Platform

    steel elements 1200
    platform propultion 500
    TOTAL 1700 kg


    length 5800 mm
    width 5000 mm
    height 325 mm


    Configuration without lashing / with lashing
    Overall dimensions 9x13x13.6 m
    Total height 48 m
    Max total weight 5000 kg
    Max tension on the cage 275 MPa

    Max displacement of the cage 18 mm
    Max tension on the lift 80MPa
    Max displacement of the lift 12 mm
    Lifting speed 6 m / min
    Winch and platform power 100 kW