Realisations 1

Play | an upgrade for the telecommunication network

The telecommunication towers and masts for the polish number one mobile network provider – Play.

Realisations 2

Orange | telecommunication towers

Building of the telecom towers for the PTK Centertel, company known now as Orange.

Realisations 3

Exatel | telecommunication towers of special needs

Special constructions for the needs of hard localisation conditions made for Exatel company.

Realisations 4

wn5 - multifunctional detached poles

Inteligent, multitasking poles are our designers answer for the 5G technology.

Realisations 5

Plus | telecommunication towers

Telecommunication towers for the Polkomtel company, currently known as mobile network Plus.

Realisations 6

NSN | four stations in the Warsaw Underground

Desingn and building of four stations in the Warsaw Underground for the NSN.

Realisations 7

Algo | telecommunication constructions

Telecommunication towers, masts, support structures and construction reinforcements for Algo company.

Realisations 8

PGE | telecommunication towers

Production and assembly of telecommunication towers for the Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

Realisations 9

T-Mobile | telecommunication towers

Building of telecommunications towers for PTC, a company existing now as T-Mobile.

Realisations 10

Light steel halls and warehouses

Production, design and asemmbly of light steel halls for different clients from Europe.

Realisations 11

Other additional steel constructions

Gantries, fences for the telecommunication towers areas, ladders, steel cutting to size.

Realisations 12

After sale care and maintenance

We offer to our clients complex care and maintanance of the telecommunication construcions.

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