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Our designers and constructors have all the important specialist certificates.
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We have two professional production plants equipped with most modern machines.
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Teams of specialists for building foundations and assembly of steel structures.
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Service teams are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Europe and Poland.
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We understand that nowadays in the dynamic world, the client requiers a product that will fulfill his expectations. It has to be done well and fast. All the process with the additional yet necessary works demands time and knowledge. That is why we always try to do our best to fulfill our clients needs. Starting from the design, through getting the right permissions, up to the production, assembly and the after sale maintenance. Concentrate on the product, we will do the rest.  Ask a question about the range of our services.


We provide  Designs

Our own design office is one of the key cells enabling fast and accurate production.

  • Steel structure designs for the market
    telecommunications and energy
  • Steel structure designs for PKP
  • Construction projects for obtaining permits.
  • Detailed designs for prefabrication of structures.
  • Adaptations of installation projects,
  • Designs of prototypes of new constructions and devices
  • Technical opinions and expertises
  • Implementation of digital models
  • Making realistic models on a 3D printer


steel ware production

We manufacture steel constructions of telecommunications towers with a height of up to 84 m. Additionally, we make various types of industrial constructions, warehouse constructions, etc. We can also make all types of small-size steel constructions such as bridge balustrades or pillars for acoustic screens. At the client’s request, we protect all structures with corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing in accordance with PN EN 1461, and powder coating.

We have new, efficient machines in our production halls in Pruszków and Radom (Poland). About eighty employees make sure that your product is done well and quickly. The tools we have include plasma cutters, lasers, lathes, milling machines, band saws, presses, grinders and MIG welders.

3D plasma burner

  • Source 260 Amp
  • Cutting thickness up to 40mm
  • Working area 6x2m
  • Oxygen cutting up to 300mm

Plasma burner

  • Source 260 Amp
  • Cutting thickness up to 40mm
  • Working area 9x2m
  • For larger sheets

Raikus laser

  • Cutting thickness up to 16mm
  • Working area 3×1.5m
  • High cutting precision
  • Projects sent by email

Tests of welds 

As part of the production, we also perform a magnetic-particle inspection of welds. This method consists in detecting the magnetic field of scattering in the place of open and subsurface discontinuities up to a depth of about 3 mm, such as fatigue, welding cracks, rolling, tears, cracks, non-metallic precipitation (blisters). The test can be performed on objects having an anti-corrosion coating and other thin paint coating.


turnkey projects

The investor usually does not perform individual works alone but outsources them to qualified companies. The experience we have learned from telecommunications projects allows us to do many of these works. Thanks to this the project is run more efficiently, faster and cheaper and the investor can concentrate on his work.


Here are some of the areas of the turnkey project:

  • Formal and Legal Process
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Tackles
  • Building permit
  • Use permit
    • Initial projects
    • Technical arrangements
    • Technical project
    • Steel production and processing
    • Foundation project
    • Own surveyor
    • Own foundation crews
    • Own assembly teams
    • Own Construction Manager
    • Own truck transport



      We understand that in today’s dynamic world, the client expects a product that will meet his expectations. It has to be done quickly and well. The whole process together with additional and often necessary works requires knowledge and time. Therefore, we always try to comprehensively approach the needs of our client. From the design phase, through obtaining permits, to production, assembly and post-sales service. Concentrate on the product, we’ll do the rest. Ask about the scope of work.

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